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That’s not my Neighbor Update


In the latest update for That’s Not My Neighbor, players are invited back to the eerie corridors of New Kunlun, but with a twist. A new Nightmare Mode cranks up the difficulty, transforming the familiar gameplay into an intense challenge where the stakes are higher and the frights more frequent. Not just a mere addition, this mode alters the very fabric of the game, promising a fresh horror experience that even veteran players will find daunting.


Streamlined Play and Enhanced Accessibility

With this update, the game’s original Arcade Mode has undergone thoughtful refinement, now offering a more compact and briskly paced gameplay experience designed to keep players engaged without overextending each session. Beyond enhancing the core mechanics, the update makes significant strides in accessibility. Flashing lights can now be turned off, and the updated trypophobia-friendly settings extend their reach, covering more aspects of the game to ensure a more inclusive experience for all players. Additionally, the introduction of a fully functional demo allows newcomers to dip their toes into the chilling waters of New Kunlun before diving into the full game.

Seamless Updates and Ongoing Support

For those who have already ventured into the haunted halls of New Kunlun, the transition to update is seamless. Owners of the game need only download the new file and replace the old one, with all previous progress retained intact. Mac users are given specific instructions to ensure smooth installation, emphasizing the developer’s commitment to accessibility and ease of use across platforms. This update also preserves the previous version,, allowing players to revert if they prefer the original setup. This level of ongoing support highlights the developer’s dedication to their community, promising even more enhancements and new terrors in future updates.

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